Top 8 Security Features in Skylake PCs

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Enterprise PCs based on Skylake with vPro are here and much of what's new is security. Security has traditionally been almost 100% software. But the increasing sophistication of attackers and basically the locked down security you get with mobile devices where vendors control both the hardware and software has put pressure on the Wintel world to build more security into the metal itself. Skylake and vPro are result and it's pretty exciting.

The “hardware-enhanced security” in Skylake and vPro provide enhancements to user authentication and make biometric and other strong authentication methods faster, more secure and protect user privacy which is especially a big concern with biometric. Skylake has special functionality built into the metal itself to protect biometric measurements in tamper resistant hardware storage instead of your hard drive. And Skylake has new image processing capabilities to speed up things like facial recognition.

But as you know, malware on the endpoint is where we are currently losing the battle. Skylake brings new features for protecting code not just data.

In this webinar I will show you the new security features in Skylake and discuss how they relate to corresponding security features in Windows 10.

Some of the things we’ll explore are:

  • Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX)
  • Intel Authenticate
  • “Inverse sandbox mechanism” that seals critical, sensitive code inside a protected enclave
  • Reduced attack surface and protection from even malware running in kernel mode
  • Memory snooping protection
  • Remote attestation of a device's trustworthiness
  • Key management
  • Side channel attacks

The security technology in Skylake is massive enough but there's much more to Skylake which my guest David Fritz, a Client Solutions Strategist at our sponsor, Dell, will describe. David will talk about Skylake's productivity, performance and battery life improvements. But what about migrating and managing Skylake systems? We'll briefly discuss how Dell KACE and make the transition and management to Skylake PCs and Windows 10 easy and secure.

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