What One Digital Forensics Expert Found On Hundreds of Hard Drives, iPhones and Android Devices

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What kind of data do you really find on discarded devices? How difficult is it to obtain? How much is actually company data and not just family photos? What tools and hardware are required to access data on these different devices? How many devices are actually encrypted and/or properly erased?

Paul Henry thinks about all of these questions and constantly experiments with discarded devices from eBay and elsewhere to answer them. Paul does this because he's one of the world's foremost digital forensics experts and he works for organizations very, very serious about security. In fact when I talked to him just now he couldn't connect to GoToMeeting – he could only speak by phone from some undisclosed, high security location. Paul is also a Senior Instructor with SANS.

Paul is joining me on this next real training for free ™ session to share his insights. Here's some of the things we'll discuss and show you:

  1. How do company owned drives end up on eBay?
  2. How do you pull information off Android devices?
  3. What do you need to understand about Android encryption?
  4. What it takes to access iPhones?
  5. What is the difference between iPhone device wipe and just deleting company data?
  6. How to access hard drives that have been quick formatted or had all files deleted within the file system?
  7. Can you trust encrypted drives? (The answer is really complicated)

Some of the tools we show you will include:

  1. FTK Imager Lite from Accessdata
  2. Magnet Forensics Aquire
  3. SIFT workstation from SANS

Blancco Technology Group is sponsoring this real training for free ™ event because at the end of the day there is one, single, best, always reliable way to make sure data doesn't fall into the wrong hands from decommissioned, discarded or recycled devices – destroy the data. If it doesn't exist, you can't recover it. Blancco makes that practical and provable across your entire array of devices and storage.

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