Defending the Top 8 Most Targeted Applications on Windows Endpoints

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Microsoft has improved so much in their security response cycle that for years now they lead the pack. Companies like Adobe, Oracle and Apple are far behind in patch frequency, patch automation and their whole patch strategy. Like water, the bad guys follow the course of least resistance and you now see more vulnerabilties for 3rd party apps that you do for Microsoft. That's good for Microsoft but it can actually mean a net increase of risk and cost for us out here in the trenches because patching non-Microsoft apps is so much more difficult and problem prone.

As you may know, every 4th Monday we collect the latest 3rd party application security updates and publish our “Patch Monday” analysis. Having looked at the last year's activity 8 products emerge as what I would consider the top most targeted applications on Windows endpoints. In this webinar I will discuss the 8 applications and discuss how to defend them.

There's more to defending these apps is more than just patching. I will discuss key differentiators about patching each of these applications; things you need to know specific to each app in order to make patching go smooth. But we'll go beyond patching. For each app we will explore:

  1. How to find determine if the app installed, is it up to date and are there multiple versions installed? The latter is a big problem with Java for instance.
  2. How to disable and/or uninstall each app programatically
  3. Important security settings specific to each app to make it less vulnerable between patching. A number of the apps have actually do have settings that can reduce your attack surface. I'll discuss how to configure them programatically so that you can ensure all endpoints are consistent
  4. Things you need to know specific to each app in order to make patching go smooth

My goal in this real training for free ™ event is to help you prioritize you efforts and give you some practical tips for lessenning your risk from these particular apps that are so ubiquitous but also so targeted.

Dell Software's KACE team is sponsoring this webinar and Ken Chalberg will briefly show you how KACE can automate patch management for these apps and many others with turnkey pre-packaged patches, the ability to inventory applications across all your endpoints, scan for vulnerabilities and remediate.

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