Understanding Mobile Device Management: iOS and Android, BYOD and Company-Owned

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iOS and Android both provide Mobile Device Management functionality and there are some shared fundamental capabilities like device wipe, security settings and app distribution but they are implemented very differently. Apple MDM is simpler because iOS is limited to one vendor for both the OS and devices. Android of course is much more complicated since each Android device maker does things a little differently – or a lot differently as in the case of Samsung with KNOX.

Furthermore, your goals and options with MDM differ greatly depending on whether you are targeting company-owned devices or supporting BYOD.

Finally, each MDM solution provider implements those capabilities differently. Some try very hard to allow you to treat iOS and Android devices the same in terms of policy – with varying degrees of success.

In this real training for free ™ webinar I will acquaint you with the MDM capabilities of both iOS and Android.

Apple iOS

  • Device Enrollment Program (company-owned devices)
  • Opt-In Enrollment (BYOD)
  • Volume Purchase Program for managing and distributing apps


  • Android Device Administration API
  • Android for Work
  • Samsung KNOX

We'll also look at the details of what you can actually control and accomplish through the MDM related features in both iOS and Android like:

  • Security config basics: device lock and authentication
  • Rooted/jailbroken detection
  • Full and selective wipe
  • App control
  • VPN and WiFi
  • Certificate distribution

With security, the devil is always in the details. So I'll highlight the differences between iOS and Android MDM.

And how easy is it for users to circumvent these controls?

HEAT Software is my sponsor for this real training for free ™ event and you'll briefly see how their LANrev solution allows you to remotely manage and secure the mobile devices in your environment – both company and employee owned.

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