Dealing with the Drudgery of Patching Java and Mitigating the Risks of Java

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Java you can't live with and can't live without it. The bad guys have been having a field day with Java for years. It would be nice to just get rid of it but it seems like every organization has at least one legacy app that requires Java and many organizations have multiple Java apps – often requiring multiple versions of the Java Runtime Environment.

Patching Java is no fun but I'm going to provide the best tips I have on reducing the pain and increasing your security.

In this real training for free ™ webinar I'll take a comprehensive look at Java patch management and also look at what you can do to mitigate, somewhat, the risk of Java.

I will explain how Java patching works both with the automatic updater and how you can script java updates. I'll discuss issues surrounding multiple versions of JRE on the same system, patching them and removing outdated versions of Java. I'll point you to resources for scripting all of these actions where possible.

We will look at Java security settings which allow you to prompt the user before running a Java app and control whether web pages can start Java. We'll also discuss the 2-browser methodology where one browser has Java enabled but is limited to specific web-sites and the other browser can visit any site but is locked down with Java disabled.

I'll also show you how to determine how many versions of Java are installed and how to configure group policy settings to disable Java on entire sets of computers where appropriate.

I think for many of us the real solution is an enterprise patch and configuration management solution because Java patching is bad enough, let alone all the other 3rd party apps that absolutely must be patched. So I've asked HEAT Software (formerly Lumension) to sponsor this real training for free ™ session because their endpoint security suite does all that and more.

Please join me for this real training for free ™ event. Please register now.

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