Using Intelligent Whitelisting to Effectively and Efficiently Combat Today’s Endpoint Malware

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Endpoint security risks – especially from endpoint targeted malware - are worse than ever and there is no single silver bullet to the rescue.  Instead you must implement a defense-in-depth approach that goes beyond  standalone anti-virus, which has proven to be decreasing in its effectiveness against today’s targeted and blended attacks. 
The signature based model of classic AV and the teams and infrastructure behind it are increasingly stretched to keep up with the pace and sophistication of today’s financially motivated malware developers.  On the other hand patch is getting more complicated as the bad guys target more and more software vendors.  Moreover both patch and AV are reactive – not proactive. 
To get real defense-in-depth against endpoint malware that is effective AND efficient for today’s IT environment and business, you need a third, proactive layer.  That proactive layer is application whitelisting, which prevents untrusted code from executing in the first place.  Yes, I’m talking about whitelisting but not the kind of whitelisting that was challenging to use outside of servers and Point-of-Sale terminals.
Today, this concept has evolved to what is being called intelligent whitelisting. This innovative, intelligent and flexible approach to the original application whitelisting concept has taken off and is a viable method for implementing a proactive defense.
In this webinar I will explain what intelligent whitelisting is and how it addresses the old problems associated with original whitelisting technologies.  Then I will show how intelligent whitelisting fills gaps left open by patch and traditional AV.  Finally, Lumension, the sponsor of this real training for session, will demonstrate how their consolidated endpoint security suite unifies all three levels of endpoint malware defense (patch, AV and intelligent whitelisting) into a single solution with one agent and one console.
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