Windows 10 Device Guard Deep Dive: Using Code Integrity to Stop Mal-Agents

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One of the most advanced features of Windows 10's security improvements is Code Integrity which is a part of the larger Device Guard feature set. There is no goal more important in cyber security than stopping untrusted/malicious code from executing on an organization's devices. Code Integrity runs very, very deep in the operating system to do exactly that.

In this technical, real training for free ™ webinar I will show you how Code Integrity works in detail. I will demonstrate scanning a golden image system and building a code integrity policy from that scan using new PowerShell commands. Then I'll show you how that policy is signed and distributed and what it looks like when it stops unauthorized program from running.

You will learn how Code Integrity fits into the larger Device Guard feature set of Windows 10 which includes related technologies like Secure Boot and Virtualization Based Security.

We will also examine the important issue and challenge of managing Code Integrity policies so that updates don’t break systems. And we'll identify which scenarios are appropriate for Code Integrity and situations where it is just impractical.

Code Integrity is Microsoft's 3rd attempt to provide a way to stop bad guy code from running on Windows systems. Windows XP introduced Software Restrictions and Windows 7 brought in AppLocker. Neither one really took off. Application control isn't simple and Code Integrity has its limitations. The good news is that you have some flexibility in how you deploy Code Integrity and I've figured out some ways to leverage Code Integrity's power even in scenarios that don't strictly comply with its requirements.

I've asked Lumension, a HEAT Software company to sponsor this webinar because their Application Control technology is the perfect complement to our discussion of Windows 10 Code Integrity. Application Control is mature and supported on existing XP and Windows 7 computers and is a far more practical and realistic application control technology for most organizations. Actually, Lumension's Application Control (aka intelligent whitelisting) and Windows Code Integrity can be used together in a very powerful way which I will briefly show you towards the end of the webinar.

This is going to be an advanced and technical real training for free ™ event that focuses on new technology and one of the most vital areas of cyber security right now. Don't miss it. Please register now!

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