How to sudo it right in Linux and Unix for security, manageability, compliance and accountability

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UNIX and Linux with sudo is a fact of life. Without sudo everyone who needs to do anything will be logs on as or su's to root. You've got absolutely no least privilege, no accountability, no control or recourse over malicious insiders with privileged access and you might as well wear a "hack me" sign.

Without sudo compliance is a nonstarter. It's one of the first things auditors look for and it's the native option for you to protect root from being abused. It's also the standard way to implement least privilege and enforce accountability over privileged admins.

But sudo – like most components of Linux/UNIX – is very configurable and it's easy to (pardon the pun) “sudo it wrong”. In this real training for free ™ webinar I will provide a quick intro on sudo - explaining what sudo does in term s of eliminating the need to logon as all-powerful root and providing accountability and least privilege. I will also show you a number of common sudo pitfalls and the risks with sudo if not configured and used correctly.

I'll explain to you how to sudo it right by doing things like:

  • Using include files to eliminate duplicate sudo policies between systems
  • Managing sudo consistently across multiple systems
  • Avoiding ALL
  • Using groups instead of user names
  • Specifying secure path
  • Logging
  • Configuring timeouts

After we discuss how not to "sudo yourself in the foot", Paul Harper, product manager from BeyondTrust, will review commercial options for augmenting sudo and attaining least privilege on UNIX and Linux.

This will be a very technical and useful webinar to help you improve the security, manageability, compliance and accountability of your *nix environment.

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