Active Directory for IT Auditors: Documenting and Analyzing User Accounts

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Audit any technology and one of the first things you ask for is a list of user accounts and their properties, right?  Ask an Active Directory admin for that and you will likely get a blank stare.  That’s because there is no feature native to Active Directory to provide that; that’s right, no user account report or export feature – at least one that works. 
Over the years with all the AD audits that I’ve performed I’ve honed how I obtain this critical piece of audit evidence and in this real training for free (TM) webinar I will share my methods. 
I’ll show you first how to use the native dsquery and dsget command line programs that come with Windows to produce several user listings that collectively provide the most important information you need including basic user name, logon name, full name and security settings like password control, account status and last logon. 
Then I’ll also demonstrate a free PowerGUI PowerPack that Quest graciously developed according to my design that does an even nicer job of getting user accounts and all their information.  Both methods are non-commercial.  One works on Windows systems out the box and the other requires a few downloads from Microsoft and Quest.  Both solve the problem and chances are your admins will go on using them after you and the audit are done. 
Don’t miss this real training for free (TM).
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