Managing Access Control in SharePoint 2010


"Who has access to what?" - The eternal question, right?
Answering that has always been tough in the Windows environment and it holds true in SharePoint as well.  In this webinar I will show you how SharePoint access control works.  We will delve into Permission Levels as well as inherited and unique permissions.  We will look at how permissions interact at the site collection, site, list and item level.  You will find out how item level permissions can solve certain access control problems.   I’ll explore how SharePoint groups work and compare that with using Active Directory groups instead. 
I’ll also show you new features in SharePoint 2010 which help you document the entitlements that a given user or group has without evaluating each and every object.  Then we’ll analyze SharePoint’s ability to log and provide an audit trail of access control changes.  With SharePoint auditing you can log whenever groups or permissions change but you’ll need my LOGbinder SP solution to get those events into your log management solution and I’ll show you why. 
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