Endpoint Device Control in Windows 7 and Beyond

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In this webinar I will look at what’s available in Windows 7 to help you address the wide-ranging risks associated with devices users can connect to a Windows end-point.  We will explore native Windows features like Device Installation Restrictions and how you can define device whitelists.  I’ll also show you BitLocker encryption for removable storage and help you determine if it addresses your needs for protecting against data loss through memory sticks and removable drives.
But we’ll go much further.  I will take a close look at how this native functionality stacks up against the requirements you face in the real world and I will point out functionality areas and risks where you may need a security solution to fill the gap.
Then so that you can get the full picture of where Windows functionality leaves off and 3rd party solutions pick up, our sponsor, Lumension will demonstrate exactly how their Device Control solution addresses the gaps and risks identified in my presentation and takes you beyond native Windows functionality.
This will be both a technical, how-to webinar as well as a strategic big picture training event.  Don’t miss this real training for free (TM).


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