This is a PowerShell script I developed to use in my own IT audits of Active Directory and for a webinar: 10 Steps to Cleaning Up Active Directory User Accounts and Keeping Them that Way. Check it out.




Outputs a comma-delimited list of user accounts and their most important properties for IT audit and account management analysis


You must supply 3 parameters in this sequence:

  1. output path and file name
  2. domain name in dc=acme,dc=com format where domain name is acme.com
  3. dns name of domain controller to run against

like this: .\Output-ADUsersAsCSV.ps1 "c:\junk\users4.txt" "dc=mtg,dc=local" "dc1.mtg.local"

You are free to use, modify and share. Use at your own risk. We do not provide technical support.

You will probably need to run this first: Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

Download the script


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