SQL Server Audit Action Group: BACKUP_RESTORE_GROUP

Available in New to:
2012 2016
• (SQL 2012)  

This group tracks the backup and restore of databases and transaction logs. This group is important to enable so that you have an audit trail of database backups which could be used to steal entire copies of a confidential database. And of course an inappropriate restore of a database could have disastrous effects.

If you enable this group on the server it will track backup and restore operations on all database and send transaction logs. To only track such operations on one database enable this group in a database audit specification on that database.

LOGbinder for SQL Server events generated under this Audit Action Group:

Event ID Description
24024 Issued database backup command
24025 Issued transaction log backup command
24026 Issued database restore command
24027 Issued transaction log restore command


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