Finding Dormant User Accounts in Active Directory

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Finding users accounts who haven't logged on in X days is important but there's no good way to do it in AD.  Yes Active Directory Users and Computers as the "days since last logon" query option but it doesn't work right, doesn't display last logon date/time and omits users how have never logged on at all.

Figuring out last logon date and time is complicated.  First, the lastlogon field isn't displayed anywhere in Active Directory.  Second, that field is updated when you logon but only on the domain controller that authenticates you; the field is never replicated to other DCs.  If your domain is in Windows 2000 Mixed or Native mode, that means you have to query each domain controller for each user account. If your domain is in Windows 2003 higher modes, AD adds a new field called LastLogonTimeStamp which is replicated by default every 7 days.  This field isn’t displayed anywhere in AD either.

This is just one of several problems that have irked me for a decade and now these problems are solved with a new open source utility that I designed and Quest Software graciously implemented called the Windows Security PowerPack.  This is our gift to you for being such an awesome community; I’ll show you how to get the PowerPack and how to use it in my upcoming webinar. 

In fact, in this webinar, I will show you 4 Windows/AD security problems that desperately need a solution and then demonstrate how this PowerPack solves them. 

PowerPacks are tool sets that snap into PowerGUI which is an open source extensible graphical administrative console for managing systems based on Windows PowerShell.  PowerShell is a command-line shell and scripting language designed especially for system administration. 

This new PowerPack is just one out of a world of free PowerPacks that solve all kinds of admin problems without coding or even scripting. 

Register now for this webinar.  It’s more than real training for free (TM) – this one is real software for free.

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