Exploring the SharePoint Audit Log


The Windows Security Log provides a wealth of information but it only takes you as far as the operating system.  It's becoming increasingly important to move beyond monitoring just operating system activity and look at the application level.  After all, protecting the operating system is just one aspect of our real goal - protecting information.

This is particularly true with SharePoint. As more and more information and processes move to SharePoint, it becomes critical for compliance and security requirements to monitor and audit SharePoint activity. 

Few people are aware that SharePoint already has an audit log which allows you to track activity related to:

  • Site policy changes
  • Documents (check-in, check-out, view, etc)
  • Lists (view, updated, etc)
  • Permission changes
  • Changes to SharePoint groups
  • Workflows
  • Information management policies

In this webinar I will show you how to enable SharePoint auditing, how to access the SharePoint audit log and help you understand what is and what isn’t available in terms of audit capabilities for SharePoint Services (the free edition of SharePoint that comes with Windows Server) and the other editions of SharePoint such as Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.

This is real training for free (TM).



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