Quantifying the Cost of Log Management: Making a Good Decision Security and Business-wise

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Security logs don’t go away just because budgets are tight and while most of you are like me and would rather concentrate on the techie details none of  us can ignore business and financial issues in today's economic situation.  So it pays to research your options and perform careful cost analysis

You can deal with log management basically 3 different ways:

  • DIY with software or appliance based log management solutions
  • Outsource to an MSSP
  • Leverage Cloud-based log management

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages with regard to:

  • Cost factors
  • Deployment
  • Care and feeding
  • Flexibility
  • Required expertise
  • Security requirements

It greatly depends on your overall organization as well as your internal IT department and information security staff.  Is your organization spread out among many geographical sites?  What size is your information security group?  Does it comprise a few generalists or many specialists?  These are just a few of the issues I'll tackle. 

For those of you with log management already in place, after this webinar you will either have increased confidence in your current solution or be ready to assess potential cost savings from making a change. If you are in the market for a log management solution this real training for free (TM) session will equip you with the tools you need to satisfy security requirements while making a good business decision.

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