Strong Authentication on a Budget: Leveraging Industry Standards and your Existing Technology Investments

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Strong authentication - everyone wants it but how do you afford it?  The costs are more than just the tokens.  In fact there are quite compelling strong authentication methods today that don't even require a token.  Never-the-less you must factor in the enrollment and provisioning costs, integration with your directory service and the applications that will use strong authentication.  Then there's the software maintenance and token replacement costs.

Moreover, there are so many choices in authentication methods and tokens and there are so many factors involved in integration between the various components that a project's biggest cost arises from the time and money wasted going down the wrong road with the wrong token or discovering integration problems and back tracking mid project. 

In this webinar I will examine how you can leverage existing technologies like Active Directory and industry standards RADIUS and the OATH framework to avoid these costly pitfalls.

I will also introduce you to the wide array of authentication methods and token choices available and provide tips on using a requirements-driven approach to selecting the right technologies.  You will find out why implementing products that embrace OATH protect your investment in backend components and provides greater flexibility to change tokens or use different tokens for different situations.

The key is a modular, standards-based approach that leverages the investment you've already made in Active Directory. 

This webinar will update you on what you need to know about the state strong authentication today.  It may cause you to re-evaulate your assumptions. Please register now. 

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