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Join us as we take our Real Training for Free webcasts to new heights with our very first multi-session, 3-hour Cyber Insurance Summit. Made up of three 1-hour sessions, this summit brings together two cyber insurance experts on to help educate you on cyber insurance, its role within a cybersecurity strategy, what kinds of solutions are necessary to obtain a policy, and how cyber insurance fits into your response plans.

Up first, you’ll learn from cyber insurer Joseph Brunsman as he talks about cyber insurance, what it takes to get it, and what kinds of policies your organization should consider having. Then you’ll hear from cyber law expert Shawn Tuma as he discusses how cyber insurance will change your incident response plans. And, lastly, we’ll have a panel discussion about the kinds of solutions needed to obtain cyber insurance (and hopefully never need to use it!).

This summit will be full of plenty of real-world cyber insurance examples, anecdotes, scenarios, and detail applicable to your role in cybersecurity – as well as plenty of opportunity to ask questions of these cyber insurance experts. The Summit agenda is as follows:


SESSION 1: Cyber Insurance for the Modern Cybersecurity Professional


As the frequency and severity of cyber events increases, the cyber insurance world is undergoing profound changes. Cybersecurity professionals must know what security changes are being required by cyber insurance companies, and why those changes require early communication and notification throughout their entire organization. Hear from Joseph Brunsman, the resident expert in cyber law, insurance and compliance at The Brunsman Advisory Group (a professional liability and cyber insurance arm of CPL Brokers), as he covers:

  • How to minimize costly application errors that could deny coverage
  • How to easily deconstruct any cyber policy to best communicate those coverages throughout the organization
  • How to find the policy that best fits the needs of the various stakeholders within the business
  • Changes coming to the cyber insurance industry that require prior planning and appropriate funding


SESSION 2: How Does Cyber Insurance Impact Your Incident Response Preparation?


In today’s environment, every organization has substantial cyber risk and every organization needs cyber insurance. Effective incident response takes a team and the team needs to be prepared in advance. Frequently used service providers in incident response are often cyber forensics, cybersecurity, incident response, public relations, breach logistics, forensic accounting, and legal. Many cyber insurance policies strictly limit which service providers can be used for incident response services. Join Shawn Tuma, Cyber Law Attorney focusing on Cyber Risk Management, Cyber Incident Response, as well as Cyber Security, Hacking, and Data Breach Litigation, as he discusses:

  • How will your cyber insurance then impact your incident response planning and how should the two work together?
  • How and when must notices be given to the insurance carriers and when must approvals be obtained?
  • What is the most important information a company can have to make sure this all works together in the smoothest manner possible under the most stressful of times?


SESSION 3: Panel Discussion - What Technologies Assist in Obtaining Cyber Insurance?


Every organization seeking cyber insurance wants to not just be eligible for a policy, but demonstrate they have the technologies in place necessary to obtain the most favorable premium.

So, what does it take to meet the requirements of a cyber insurer?

In this panel discussion, we’ll hear from both Joseph and Shawn as we talk about several aspects of an organization’s preventative and responsive cybersecurity implementations and how they can positively impact obtaining cyber insurance.

This real training for free event will be jam packed with technical detail and real-world application. Join one session, all of them, or receive a link to the recording for review at your convenience – but be sure to register today!

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