Using Lessons Learned from Noteworthy Vulnerabilities to Protect Your Organization Against Them

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The ever-changing threat landscape in 2021 was a prime example of the evolution of threats security and IT teams had to address. Widespread attacks leveraging vulnerabilities in commonly deployed software were endemic, ransomware prevalence increased sharply, and zero-day exploitation reached an all-time high. With this, the challenges vulnerability risk management teams face are also evolving, with many organizations still encountering attacks leveraging these very same threats.

But protecting against vulnerabilities is more than just enabling patching; it’s understanding the nature of the threat landscape, how attackers are leveraging vulnerabilities, and building out a vulnerability risk management program that comprehensively identifies, prioritizes, and works to mitigate vulnerabilities, thereby reducing your organization’s threat surface.

With cyberattacks today still utilizing vulnerabilities that have been out for substantial periods of time, taking a look back at the most noteworthy can provide context in how to quickly identify and respond to vulnerabilities in the future.

In this Real Training for Free webcast, we’ll hear from Caitlin Condon, vulnerability research manager at Rapid7 who will provide insight into the threat landscape from the recently-released 2021 Vulnerability Intelligence Report – Rapid7’s annual research report analyzing the threat landscape.

Caitlin will cover the vulnerabilities and high-impact attacks that shaped the threat landscape in 2021 and have continued to affect organizations in 2022, discussing:

  • Key findings from the report
  • Notable vulnerabilities from 2021, including many that are actively and widely exploited
  • Key vectors and attacker use cases across the CVEs from the 2021 dataset. (e.g., driver-based attacks, vulnerabilities that functioned as network pivots and gave external attackers access to internal networks)

Caitlin will also provide guidance on how security teams can take an informed approach to threat prioritization as part of shoring up defenses.

Caitlin will then be joined by Rob Webb, CISSP, Senior Security Solutions Engineer at Rapid7, who will show security teams how to build a robust vulnerability risk management program, using Rapid7’s InsightVM solution, including:

  • Discovering both internal and external assets to better understand your attack surface
  • Prioritizing the vulnerabilities using a multi-pronged approach
  • Collaborating with the appropriate teams for remediation to secure your organization

This real training for free event will be jam packed with technical detail and real-world application. Register today!

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