Eliminating Admin Rights on Workstations and Laptops: Avoiding the Pitfalls and Making it Work in the Real World

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Taking admin rights away from end-users on their workstations and laptops is important for so many reasons but it's also a great way to cause riots, mutiny and looting among your users. In this webinar I will share my research and experience with so-called Least Privilege Workstation projects.

It's easy to see why such projects can be risky: if user's can't get their work done, you lose credibility and the business grinds to a halt. After all, we're in business to do business not to be secure. So, to successfully scale back end user authority on workstations you've got to make sure you don't break the user experience.

This takes a combination of:
- research on your organization's application portfolio
- understanding of various user roles and their requirements
- tools and technologies
- configuration tricks
- testing

With careful planning, a little creativity and use of technology you CAN implement least privilege on workstations and reap the benefits of:
- security
- compliance
- lower support costs
- lowered patch burden
- more stable user experience

I will provide a punch list of issues for you to consider and research to determine if your environment and organization is ready to implement least privilege workstations to at least a subset of your users - and maybe all. With any project like this there are gaps in the native functionality of Windows and the biggest one is what to do about those applications that just absolutely require admin rights. To fill out this webinar, I've found a solution that fills this and other gaps you often encounter when trying to scale back end-users' admin authority on their workstations. This webinar's sponsor has a lot of practical experience helping companies make Least Privilege Workstation projects a success so I promise you will find their participation valuable as well.

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