Patching Acrobat and Adobe Reader with System Center Configuration Manager

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Note from Randy: Don't let the title make you think this is strictly limited to Adobe and/or System Center. We're using Adobe Reader and Acrobat as examples for the larger topic of 3rd party application patch management. And I'll show you how you can patch 3rd party apps today with System Center. But we'll also discuss how to patch 3rd party apps if you don't have System Center or don't want to use it for patching.

Acrobat and Adobe Reader are ubiquitous on nearly every endpoint in the world. And Adobe isn’t known as the most secure software developer. Combine these factors and these 2 programs become a major target for hackers, making it critical to keep every installation of Acrobat and Reader patched. You basically have 3 options:

  1. Relying on the built-in updaters in either program
  2. 3rd party patch management solutions
  3. System Center

Option 1 is a recipe for disaster in terms of security and compliance, and not everyone has a patch management solution. However, many of us do use System Center and option 3 is what I’ll be focusing on in this webinar. I'll show you how to obtain updates from Adobe for Reader and Acrobat and then how to package them up in System Center so that you can ensure these 2 critical but vulnerable programs are kept up-to-date and secure across all your endpoints.

Adobe provides update catalogs that allow you to use System Center Updates Publisher (SCUP) to publish updates to Acrobat and Reader via System Center. But there are other ways to package updates in System Center. We'll examine your options and help you pick the best one for your environment.

Do you need to update every Adobe update in order or are there periodic cumulative updates that you can baseline from? How do you ensure each endpoint installs the right applicable updates, in the right order? We'll cover all that too.

There are a number of components that must all work together for successful patching including WSUS, System Center Configuration Manager and System Center Updates Publisher. Of course, with so many components there are things that can go wrong - so I’ll share troubleshooting tips and techniques to help you track down and fix issues.

Lumension is making this real training for free ™ event possible and Russ Ernst, Director of Product Management, will briefly show you how they eliminate the research, testing and loads of other work associated with packaging up Adobe patches - and updates for all the other top 3rd party software vendors for that matter.

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