Using SCUP (System Center Updates Publisher) to Security Patch 3rd Party Apps with WSUS

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Patching Windows and Office are still important, but 3rd party apps like Acrobat, Flash and Java are the bigger problem in 2 very big ways:
  1. 3rd party app vulnerabilities now outnumber native patches
  2. 3rd party app security patches are much, much, much more difficult to deploy
To help with this, Microsoft has released a standalone tool called System Center Updates Publisher, or SCUP, that allows you to package software updates for 3rd party or in-house developed apps and then push them out using the same WSUS server you already use for patching Windows and Microsoft apps like Office.
In this webinar we’ll look at how SCUP works, what it takes to package up a security update and then publish it to WSUS. We’ll also look at the System Center requirements for deploying 3rd party security updates via SCUP. And we’ll explain the compatibility requirements between SCUP and different versions of Windows and WSUS.
You will learn about these SCUP concepts:
  • Software Update Catalog Subscriptions
  • Software Updates
  • Publications
  • Applicability Rules
And we will discuss managing security for SCUP because the last thing you want is for an APT actor to exploit your security patching infrastructure to push out his/her own malicious software. Talk about tragic irony.
Russ Ernst from Lumension will be helping me present this webinar. Russ is part of the Product Management team at Lumension who does all the SCUP heavy lifting for you, providing Software Update packages for 3rd party applications that are ready to import into you’re your System Center environment.
This is real training for free™ on the critical topic of 3rd party application security patching. Please register now so you don’t miss it!
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