Case Study: 11 Real World Examples of Actual Data Compromised on the Dark Web

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Do you share my dislike for vague and theoretical when talking about cyber security risk? It’s so much more compelling and valuable if we can get down to brass tacks with real world examples. And in this webinar, we have 11 such case studies of breached data or up-stream targeted attacks found on or around the dark web. We’ll show you actual screen prints and samples of each case. Then we’ll explain the parties involved, their relationships (or lack thereof) and the interrelated risks. Some risks are very clear and direct, such as one company’s IP for sale on the dark web. But other risks are indirect and subtle, yet highly present. 

  1. Third Party Customer Data Exposure
  2. Third Party Employee Data Exposure
  3. VIP Customer Data Exposure
  4. Family Doxing
  5. Physical Goods Supply Chain Fraud
  6. Fraudulent Status Upgrades
  7. Government Check Fraud
  8. Fraudulent Account Generator Tutorial
  9. Impostor Web Pages For Sale
  10. Leaked Correspondence
  11. Executive Security

Each of these case studies has important value, even if you are not in the associated vertical industry. For each case study we will explain the technical in-and-outs but also explore:

  • What’s exposed?
  • Why should we care?
  • What can we do in response?

I will draw special attention to some things I personally learned during the project:

  • A breach is often still a significant risk for you even if it doesn’t involve your network or any company you have a business relationship with
  • Vigilance on the web and dark web provide significant opportunities to fine tune your triage of SIEM and UEBA alerts

We will also level set on smishing, swatting and doxing. 

Please join us for this real training for free event. Terbium Labs is providing a lot of the research and examples for this session and Dee Liebenstein will briefly show you how you can detect exposed data, fraud, misuse and impersonations of your digital data and company’s brand. And, how you can receive prioritized alerts, with the ability to drill down into the actionable, analytics-driven insights you need to assign resources and take action quickly and efficiently.

Please join us for this real training for free session.

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