Preparing for the Inevitable: How to Limit the Damage from a Data Breach by Planning Ahead

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Let’s take a break from talking prevention and go where nobody likes to go: how to prepare for the time when what you don’t want to happen does happen. It pays to do some planning in this regard as evidenced by Snapchat, for instance, who has taken a bad situation and made it worse by their handling of the situation. Data breaches are not just a public relations burden but can cause negative impact on your companies value and reputation. All eyes are going to be on you, the infosec pro, to provide clear answers quickly. In fact that’s one of the things we’ll deal with in this webinar – the top 5 questions in a data breach:
  1. What data was compromised?
  2. How many records?
  3. When did it happen?
  4. Whose accounts got compromised?
  5. How did it happen?
In this real training for free™ session we will help you:
  1. Put together a data breach response plan
  2. Identity the key members of a data breach response team
  3. Show you a typical data breach timeline
Then on the technical side, we will look at ways you can set up your data monitoring now to help you quickly perform impact analysis to answer these questions – and maybe even catch the breach in progress. It’s not just about thinking about how to prevent intrusions, malware and APTs. Don’t get me wrong, prevention is #1. The point is don’t stop at prevention. It’s about thinking ahead and asking yourself, “Where is the data that a bad guy would be targeting?” and then setting up detective and preventive controls around those data. Tim Sedlack from our sponsor, Dell Software, will briefly discuss and show how Dell ChangeAuditor helps you get answer to these and other questions and set up preventive controls around your critical data so that you can detect and stop unwanted security changes before they occur and answer those tough questions when a data breach happens.
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