Support for Windows XP is Shutting Down for Good: Stay Secure Beyond the End of Life

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Next year, Microsoft ends support for Windows XP and Office 2003. In this webinar, I will explain:
  1. When exactly does support end and what does it mean in terms of security?
  2. Can you pay for extended support and still receive security patches?
  3. How serious is this from a security and compliance perspective?
Then we will explore what you can do? Obviously and ideally you should upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 8 and we’ll look at migration paths, resources and important decisions, issues and caveats you should be aware of when considering the end of support of any operating system or application.
But, what if you need more time? What if you can’t get all your outdated systems upgraded or replaced in time?
We will look at that very real situation as well and discuss what you can do to address security risks and compliance requirements for XP systems that can’t shut down the day Microsoft stops supporting them.  We will consider:
  1. Attack surface reduction
  2. System and content isolation
  3. Leveraging VDI and thin-client
  4. Application control / Whitelisting / Positive Trust Based Security
  5. Advanced memory attack protection
Christopher Strand, from our sponsor CarbonBlack, will help me explain how 2 endpoint security technologies (#4 and #5 above) can provide protection for XP systems even beyond end of support. Both application control and memory protection are incredibly important technologies for all endpoint scenarios but I think you’ll be surprised to see how they are even effective for protecting systems that no longer receive security patches.
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