Real World Defense Strategies for Targeted Endpoint Threats

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The security community is amassing a wealth of intelligence about targeted attacks (aka APTs). One thing we are seeing is that the 2 weakest points in our defense against targeted attacks is the human element and the endpoint. We need to give more attention to the human element, but few of us are in a position to effect behavioral change in our organization. That is a long road requiring support from management and a more psychology-focused skill set.
On the other hand, most of us are in a position to help improve endpoint security. In this webinar I’ll be focusing on how to build a layered defense against targeted endpoint attacks. To build a true defense-in-depth strategy we will look at the phases of a targeted attack: 
  1. Discover – reconnaissance, “casing the joint”
  2. Distribute – package and deliver the payload
  3. Exploit- trigger the payload and exploit the vulnerability
  4. Control- install persistent malware on system, connect back to command & control
  5. Execute – spread-out and begin taking action against planned objectives
We will identify controls and technologies that we can deploy to disrupt, hinder, detect and prevent attackers at each phase. These will include:
  1. Endpoint security best practices
  2. Endpoint management processes
  3. Hardening steps
  4. Monitoring techniques
  5. Endpoint security technologies
We will draw on the wealth of intelligence the security community is amassing and make this a data-driven presentation. Lumension is our sponsor for this real-training-for-free session and Paul Zimski will briefly showcase the Lumension endpoint security technologies that map to each of the attack phases we discuss.
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