Top 10 Security Events to Monitor in SharePoint

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Are you monitoring your SharePoint environment? SharePoint typically hosts lots of information that is:
  • Confidential or sensitive
  • Subject to compliance regulations
  • In the form of unstructured documents
SharePoint has an audit log but it is challenging to use it to the full. In this webinar, I will show you the top 10 most important security events to monitor in your SharePoint environment. For each event, I’ll explain and show:
  • Why the event is important to security and compliance
  • How to enable audit policy so that SharePoint logs the event
  • How to trigger the event
  • What a raw event from the Internal SharePoint audit log looks like
  • How the same event looks when translated
I’ll show you how to enable auditing in SharePoint. I’ll show you how the events are generated and what they look like in the SharePoint audit log. Activity covered includes:
  • Audit policy change
  • Site collection administrator changes
  • Access control changes: permissions and groups
I’ll also show you how to audit other activity such as access to documents and list items, data exports and more. This will be a heads-down technical webinar that I think you will love.
Our sponsors for this webinar are LogRhythm and LOGbinder.  LogRhythm is one of my favorite SIEMs, a great example of normalized event technology and a frequent UWS sponsor. LOGbinder is my software company that bridges the gap between applications and SIEMs. LogRhythm has engineered knowledge of LOGbinder events into the LogRhythm product allowing you to correlate SharePoint audit events with the rest of your enterprise security information and events. Our brief presentation will be a valuable complement to my training session.
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