Using Logs to Deal With the Realities of Mobile Device Security and BYOD

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Mobile devices have tons of confidential information and they are a great entry point into an organization’s network.  Just like how non-Microsoft apps like Acrobat and Java came under fire as soon as Microsoft improved security patching for their products.  So to, as organizations improve security on PCs the bad guys are moving to mobile devices. In fact, the latest big APT to hit the news, Flame, has a special logic built into it to exfiltrate stolen data via Bluetooth connections to compromised smart phones.
But before your rush to deploy a mobile device security agent on all your employees smartphones, remember that security agents on mobile devices can be circumvented by uncooperative users – this is not yet a mature technology. In my upcoming real-training-for-free session, I will explore what you can do to protect your network and information with effective log management and a technology you already have, Activesync.
In this webinar, we will first make sure everyone understands Exchange Activesync Mailbox Policies and how they work.  Then, we’ll look at how well those policies are supported by popular mobile devices like iPhones and Android devices.  More importantly, we’ll show you how to use Activesync logs to identify which device models are connecting to your network and with what user account. You’ll find out how to determine if the device is compliant with your policy, when it first connected to Exchange and the last time it synchronized.  This information is extremely valuable when trying to deal with a Bring Your Own Device situation.
I’d been thinking that it’s theoretically possible to leverage all of this data in your log management / SIEM solution but in a recent phone call with A. N. Ananth at Prism I saw that they have already integrated Activesync logging and policy with EventTracker and I think you’ll like the Ananth’s demonstration including alerting on the first time a new device connects to your network.
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