Auditing SharePoint Activity for Compliance and Security


As more and more sensitive information makes its way into SharePoint the risk of not auditing SharePoint activity grows.   If you don’t already feel the pressure to bring SharePoint audit logs into your SIEM / log management process you probably will soon as more regulators and auditors take notice of SharePoint’s explosive growth. 

In this webinar I will show you how SharePoint’s audit foundation works and point out 5 key issues that make SharePoint audit log management such a technical challenge:

-          No reporting

-          No alerting

-          No long term archival

-          Highly cryptic audit data

-          No way to centrally manage audit policy for all site collections

At LOGbinder, my team has been hard at work with SolarWinds to integrate their Log & Event Manager SIEM with our LOGbinder SP agent to provide a comprehensive SharePoint audit solution and we can’t wait to show you the results. 

But this is no mundane infomercial; you will learn plenty of technical facts in this webinar that you can apply whether you use our software or not.  SharePoint is not an easy technology to audit and I will show you key issues and caveats to watch out for. 

The days of treating SharePoint as an uncontrolled, self-service team collaboration site are gone.  Don’t let SharePoint be your compliance weak point.



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