Endpoint Security Compliance: Top 11 Questions Auditors Ask

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I perform IT audits and provide training to dozens of IT auditors every year and if there is one thing I’ve observed, it’s that if you are being audited, a little preparation can save you a world of pain.  Usually the biggest challenge in any audit is being able to obtain the necessary information.  If you know ahead of time what the auditor will probably ask for you can not only figure out how to obtain that information but you can also get a good idea of what kind of risks they are looking for.  This gives you a chance to get your house in order before the auditor comes.  Also, when you have information at your fingertips and can readily answer their questions, this builds credibility and invariably causes the auditor to relax because you are demonstrating that your organization has a controlled and well-managed environment.
So in this webinar I’m going to help you do just that for audits focused on endpoint security compliance.  I’ll take you through the top 4 areas of endpoint security audits:
·         Vulnerability management
·         Patch
·         Antivirus
·         Configuration management
For each of these areas I’ll show you what to expect the auditor to ask and we’ll discuss ways to provide the answers.  I’ll explain how auditors need more than just a description of a process, but also documentation that shows the process is actually being followed.  I’ll also spend some time on other areas of endpoint security that come up including encryption, device and port control and application whitelisting.
This eye-opening webinar will get you a leg up on your next audit and help you improve endpoint security because making the information we identify more accessible will help you keep better tabs on your endpoint fleet and ensure risks are controlled.  After my training session, our sponsor, Lumension, will demonstrate how their Lumension Endpoint Security and Management Suite’s Reporting Services makes answering these audit questions a snap.
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