BitLocker Drive Encryption: How it Works and How it Compares

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Endpoint security is a rat’s nest of issues, risks and attack vectors.  But one thing’s for sure, there is no substitute for encryption - both of local hard drives and removable storage devices. Endpoints, especially laptops, are full of data you don’t want others to see. The cost of data breaches are substantial. There are the hard costs of complying with breach notification laws, as well as the soft costs, such as the impact on goodwill and reputation. That’s not even considering the competitive costs of your compromised IP.
And, while you might count on some sympathy from the public when you fall victim to an APT, there’s no love lost for organizations that lose laptops and flash drives with confidential data on them.
So why are so few of us using encryption at the endpoint? One study shows that only 30% of lost laptops had disc encryption installed; and another has about half of respondents admitting they turned their disc encryption off.
In this webinar I’ll show you how BitLocker and BitLocker To Go – built-in hard disk and removable disk encryption available in Windows 7 and Vista – work and outline the steps to deploy these technologies to a fleet of PCs. I’ll point out the tougher steps that require some WMI scripting, activation of Trusted Platform Modules and data recovery when keys are lost.
Local hard disk encryption is a critical first step, but the job isn’t done until you protect against data leaking onto insecure removable drives. I’ll share a study performed by Sophos that drives home just how much of a problem these removable flash drives are to security. They acquired a collection of such devices that had been left behind in airports – wait till you hear what they found on these drives!
You can’t just disable all usage of flash drives, so we’ll look at how BitLocker To Go and see how well it does in terms of helping you protect data on removable drives.
Beyond encryption, you have to think about and how to manage endpoint security holistically. For instance, encryption can help protect your data, but it doesn’t protect against malicious content being copied to your endpoint and from there into your network. Our sponsor, Lumension, will briefly show how Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite (LEMSS) not only stacks up against BitLocker, but also how encryption is just one part of their highly integrated suite that allows you to manage all aspects of endpoint security from one unified console and a single streamlined agent.
This will be a great technical webinar to help you jump start your effort to protect data on endpoints. Don’t miss this real training for free (TM).
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