Staying Open for Business Against DDOS Attackers Requires More than Just Blocking Traffic

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DDOS attacks continue to grow against small and large businesses alike because of profitable extortion, geo-political trends and good ole nihilistic bragging rights.

And DDOS attackers keep figuring out new ways to do more with less with newer amplification attacks like those leveraging memcached servers and attacks that target higher level vulnerabilities in the application or application infrastructure. 

In the past 12 months we’ve seen ground breaking volumetric attacks that exceed 1.2 terabytes. But it takes much less than that to shut the doors of most businesses. 

You can not depend on your ISP to defend you. The sad reality is that it makes coldly logical business sense for an ISP to shunt your traffic off into a black hole in order to protect itself and the other 99.9% of its customers.

In this real training for free event, I’ll bring you up-to-date with the latest techniques being used by state-sponsored attackers, organized crime, hacktivists and the like.

Then my expert guest, Don Shin from A10 Networks, will show us the latest methods and technology for defending against DDOS attacks. And the mileage greatly varies between different DDOS mitigations. For instance, draconian traffic shaping may keep your systems “up” but at the cost of indiscriminately blocking your customers, employees and partners access. For effective surgical defenses you must have the ability to quickly distinguish between legitimate users and attackers.

Join us to learn about attack strategies and gain insight into weapons used to inflict massive DDoS attacks. We will also discuss the four critical strategies needed to prevent system failure, while protecting your users.

In this webinar you will learn how:

  • To identify anomalies in attacker behavior
  • Threat Intelligence can go from informational to actionable
  • Machine Learning assists with identifying patterns
  • Multi-model defense techniques help improve your security posture

Please join us for this real training for free session.

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