Managing File Share Security on Windows Servers

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Your organization’s most valuable information is scattered all over your network in various formats of unstructured data accessible via file share. This is true even of confidential data locked away in databases. How could that be? Reports, spreadsheets, data extracts… the list goes on and on. Bad guys seldom care what format the data’s in – they just want the information. 

So, don’t fall for the idea that goes something like this, “Our most critical data? That’s ____ and it’s locked away in a database that’s only accessible through a web application that requires dual factor authentication.” Yes, the master copy of the data is locked away safe and sound but the master copy is only relevant to security in terms of integrity – not confidentiality. 

Confidentiality requires that all copies of a given data be secured.

And as soon as a user downloads part of a database to a spreadsheet, generates a report, exports data to a text file or something else like that, there’s a new copy of the data out there and much of it ends up on file servers.

Beyond file sharing for departments and users, we also use file shares to move information between different systems and applications and it’s not uncommon to find extracts of important information sitting around in file shares waiting to be imported into a downstream system.

The point is this: file share security is important.

In this webinar, we will explore every aspect of file share security on Windows servers including:

  • File share permissions vs file system permissions; how they interact with each other
  • Monitoring changes to permissions at either level
  • Detecting new file shares as they are created
  • Controlling who has access to information via file shares
  • Looking at a group or user and figuring out where they have entitlements across your network
  • Auditing who is accessing what data and how through file shares

This webinar will touch on Active Directory, file share objects, NTFS, the security log and more.

SolarWinds is our sponsor and Jim Hansen will briefly show you how their growing portfolio of affordable security solutions helps you put all of this knowledge to work.

Please join us for this real training for free session.

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