Limit the Fallout When Users Fall Victim: Threat Vectors Eliminated by Implementing Least Privilege on Workstations

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Following least privilege is always good but usually hard to do. And no where is this more true than with workstations. If you make life hard for users by hamfisted attempts to reduce their authority on their workstations they will quickly reciprocate. 

But implementing least privilege on workstations is so important because the workstation is where today’s intrusions begin. And workstations are the most exposed systems on your network because:

  • Workstations constantly parse and render untrusted content from the Internet as users browse the web and read email
  • Workstations run a much wider range of software than servers – greatly increasing the attack surface
  • In particular, workstations are far more exposed to browser exploits than servers
  • Workstations are in the hands of end-users who are intent on being productive and less security-conscious, and who frequently use their workstation for personal web-browsing and entertainment

AV, content-filtering and sandboxing, EDR and other technologies have their place as preventive controls, but you need to plan for how to limit the fallout when a user inevitably falls for a drive-by download, phishing attempt or just happens to open a zero-day document. Those technologies are never going to catch and prevent every exploit. 

Least privilege workstations helps contain and slow down the attacker. And in this webinar, I’ll show you what’s accomplished if you can limit end-user authority on their workstation. We’ll explore which threat vectors are mitigated by least privilege. At the same time, I’ll also point out what attackers can still do even when the end-user isn’t an admin of their workstation. That’s an important aspect to understand because there’s no silver bullet; you always need to understand the limitations of a given control.

Thycotic has agreed to sponsor this real training for free event and Steve Goldberg will show you how their Privilege Manager solution fills the critical gap in implementing least privilege on workstations, which is preserving the end-user experience.

Please join us for this real training for free session.

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