Top 10 Steps to Hardening Linux Systems

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Many of us are primarily Windows shops but Linux is everywhere and it’s just as important to secure Linux as any other component on your network. The bad guys can and do use everything on a network as bridges to get to their ultimate goal. So, everything needs to be secure – not just your high value systems. That being said Linux systems often host your most critical data, handle it in motion or provide critical infrastructure to the rest of your network.

Linux can be very secure but only if you configure it so and provide proper care and feeding.

In this real training for free session, I’ll show you the most important things to secure on a Linux system and introduce you to key resources that help you get much deeper into Linux security best practice.  

Here’s some of the things we’ll cover:

  • Why and how to divide your file system into separate volumes
  • Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux)
  • Linux Firewall
  • Linux services, daemons and other key attack surface components
  • Patching
  • File system permissions
  • Secure Shell (ssh)
  • Network configuration
  • Kernel configuration
  • Passwords and accounts

I will compare and contrast best practice documents from Center for Internet Security, NIST and others.

It’s a hard truth, you’ll never be able to fully secure every system in your environment. You need to focus on fixing what attackers are actually taking advantage of in the wild. And that’s where our sponsor, Rapid7, comes in. Justin Buchanan will briefly show you how InsightVM helps you gain complete visibility of all of your Linux systems (Do you know all of the Linux systems in your environment?), prioritize the vulnerabilities to focus on, and break down the silos between your security team and IT team to drive remediation.

Please join us for this real training for free event.

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