Understanding OneDrive for Business Security and Monitoring

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Unstructured data is already hard to keep track of and protect – let alone if it’s in the cloud. With cloud-based file sharing, users are in the driver’s seat and the data is out there on the Internet potentially open even to anonymous access. Thankfully vendors of enterprise cloud-based file sharing products realize that your security and compliance responsibilities don’t change just because it’s the cloud and in this real training for free session we’ll do a deep dive into the security and monitoring features of OneDrive for Business. We will explore the:

  • OneDrive for Business file permission model
  • OneDrive for Business ownership model
  • OneDrive for Business sharing policy both inside and outside the enterprise
  • OneDrive for Business audit and security logging

Here’s some of the questions we’ll answer:

  • What’s out there in your organization’s OneDrive for Business environment?
  • What if your organization has multiple tenant accounts with Microsoft?
  • How do you manage OneDrive for Business access with Office 365 groups?
  • How do you report on OneDrive configuration settings?
  • How do you report on anonymous file permissions and track changes?
  • Who is accessing certain files and how?
  • What files and folders are being shared and by whom? Was it shared internally or externally?
  • How much data is in OneDrive for Business on a department basis?
  • How do you find folders where permissions differ significantly from its parent?

We will look at all these aspects of OneDrive for Business security and show you what’s available in the Office 365 Portal and with PowerShell. 

Our sponsor, Quest Software, will show you how Quest Enterprise Reporter Suite and Change Auditor provides enterprise visibility into OneDrive for Business security access and activity, but also allows you to correlate that information with the larger enterprise including Azure, on-prem Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Server and beyond.

Please join us for this technical and educational real training for free session.

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