6 Steps for Firewall Assessment for Compliance and Security

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Don’t let the pendulum swings fool you; firewalls are not dead, and the perimeter still matters. But in addition to the perimeter we recognize the need for more internal segmentation to limit lateral movement and protect segregated zones like the red forest. So, we need and probably should have more firewalls than ever.

Firewalls very quickly become complex and are subject to rust as new rules and exceptions are added over time. Many organizations have over 100,000 total firewall rules – I kid you not.

The security risk of misconfigured firewalls is enough, but when you add compliance to the mix, you can get into trouble even if your firewall is perfectly secure – because of missing documentation. Not to mention the hours burned up while you sit with an auditor collecting “evidence.”

In this webinar, I’m joined by a true expert in firewalls, Tim Woods, to show you how to perform a 6-step self-assessment of your firewalls to reveal security risks before the auditor comes around, and to ensure that you are compliant 24/7 – because secure and compliant only overlap to a degree.

Here’s a list of what we’ll cover:

   • How to spot and remediate technical mistakes
   • The hidden risk of unused rules
   • Removing overly permissive rules – the nefarious path bad actors rely on
   • Gaining efficiency in your rule order
   • Making documentation a part of your workflow
   • The wonders of automation for security and compliance

Please join me for this real training for free event.

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