How RSA SecurID® Access Blends Dynamic Risk Analytics, UX and Flexibility to Make Strong Authentication More Convenient

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Let’s do a reboot on the subject of authentication.  Let’s stop singling out one technology and acting like it’s a silver bullet whether that’s

  • Federation
  • SSO
  • CASB
  • Physical tokens
  • Smart tokens
  • Push authentication
  • Smartcards
  • Ad infinitum

First, what are today’s issues?

  • Passwords are lame
  • Users have more accounts than ever and their identity credentials are the #1 attack vector
  • Users have more devices than ever; users choose the devices they use
  • User populations are dynamic, mobile and expect to be able to access applications and data 24x7, from any device from anywhere
  • It’s dumb to treat each logon the same. Each time a user logs onto a system or accesses a resource, the risk dynamics are different
  • Users will bypass controls or find other technology to use if you make security too intrusive
  • There are many 2-factor and strong authentication options but the user either gets pummeled with incessant authentication requests or we don’t get enough assurance Bob is really Bob
  • We have no central view, much less control, of all company resources access across on-prem and clouds
  • Attackers are more sophisticated and motivated than ever

In this webinar, we’ll take a pan-technology look at authentication and discuss how to take a comprehensive, risk-based and productivity-enhancing approach that uses the right technology at the right time for the right situation.

Let’s call this “modern authentication.”  Modern authentication that’s based on risk, driven by analytics and flexible enough to meet specific company requirements and user preference isn’t something you can cobble together from native features and free tools. Fortunately, security vendors are rising to the occasion and we’ll use our sponsor, RSA, as our touchstone for this real-training-for-free ™ event.  You may be surprised during RSA’s presentation to learn how far today’s RSA SecurID® Access has come since yesterday’s venerable token.

Please join me to see how RSA is getting this done.

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