Good Linux Security Needs File Integrity Monitoring

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Linux security is all about file security. That's because configuration in Linux is stored in files directly accessible to root. Mis-edit a file and you can be in a lot of trouble. You may not be in the habit of configuring Linux through direct file editing but that's because many distros have built GUI or command line tools to help you avoid the aforementioned trouble. But the key point here is that you aren't forced to go through those utilities.

This is very different than Windows. In Windows the actual bits of configuration are far more isolated and you never touch them even if you are an administrator. You are pretty much forced to go through Win32 APIs for everything. This allows Windows to enforce both privilege and validation rules.

In this real training for free ™ webinar we'll look at file integrity monitoring in Linux and identify the most important files that need to be monitored. BeyondTrust has kindly sponsored my series of webinars on Linux security including this one and product manager Paul Harper will briefly show you the file integrity monitoring capabilities being introduced to PowerBroker for Unix & Linux. 

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