Hybrid Directory Governance: Understanding How Security Works in a Hybrid Active Directory Environment of On-Premises AD / Azure AD and Office 365

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If you are using Office 365 you are already using Azure Active Directory. The same goes for any Azure services such as VMs, storage or the continually growing offerings from Microsoft.

And I'm sure you have had on-premises Active Directory running for years.

If both of those are true, then it's also likely that you already have integrated your on-premises Active Directory with Azure AD in some shape or form or have that on your IT road map. Maybe you are using:

  • Dirsync
  • ADFS
  • Azure AD Connect
  • 3rd Party Federation/SSO/Sync

But what are the security considerations? Are there any possible risks that need better control?

Regardless of which of the technologies you use above, there is a common set of risks that need to be controlled.

The situation is similar to past years when we had multiple on-premises domains and had to get our arms around the risks and other factors to consider with trust relationships, domain and forest boundaries. And to really understand how security is affected and how risks re-distribute when you integrate applications with Active Directory for authentication and authorization.

In this webinar we will look at the different ways on-prem AD and Azure AD integrate. We’ll discuss federation and synchronization and identify if and where risk is redistributed when you link your on-prem and cloud directory worlds together.

For instance many organizations are choosing the fastest and simplest way to integrate the two separate directory environments, which is using a one-way synchronization option where they use active directory on-premises as the authoritative directory of users, groups, attributes and passwords for authentication and authorization to the cloud-based Azure AD directory and the applications housed on it via office 365, and in doing so, streamlining and simplifying the end user’s experience when accessing Office 365 applications.

Microsoft has done an awesome job at creating an in-depth defense approach to providing security controls to Office 365 and Azure AD cloud-based credentials, however, these cloud-based security controls are ineffective if there are no corresponding security controls in place that safeguard the integrity and governance of the on-prem AD environment, which in most scenarios is the authoritative source used to sync up authentication and authorization credentials to Azure AD and in turn Office 365 applications.

And remember, more and more 3rd-party cloud services and apps are introducing support for Office 365/Azure AD-based authentication. So the train of trust keeps going and so do the potential risks.

Dell Software is sponsoring this webinar and Alvaro Vitta will briefly discuss how Dell Solutions can help you govern your on-prem AD and keep it secure so that everything that depends on it – including Azure AD/O365 and beyond are secure, too.

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