Extending the Kill Chain with lateral movement on 5 Windows Systems Using Multiple Intrusion Techniques

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We often talk about how attackers only need to establish a beachhead on one host, allowing them to focus on the most vulnerable endpoints in an organization. From there, adversaries can build a lateral attack plan to jump from one system to another until they reach the information you don’t want them getting their hands on.

But how do they “jump“ from one system to another? This webinar will demystify a variety of lateral movement techniques, and show you how to look for them in your environment.

We’ll focus on some of the most prevalent techniques, including:

  • RDP Sticky Keys
  • Reverse Shells
  • Pass the hash
  • Process name hiding
  • File replacement
  • Persistence

We will use several different hacker tools, including purpose-built tools like:

  • Meterpreter tools like msfvenom, msfconsole
  • Credential theft toos like fgdump and creddump

And “innocent” system utilities such as:

  • netcat
  • psexec
  • 7zip
  • schtasks

This real training for free session will demonstrate why every system is a target and why any vulnerable systems is a risk to the entire network. Carbon Black’s Threat Intelligence team helped me design this event and they are sponsoring this highly technical session. So as part of the training, you will also see how their security platform tracks our every step during the simulated attack.

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