Exploring the New FTP Security Enhancements in IIS

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In recent years Microsoft has made some surprising security enhancements to FTP beginning with IIS7 in Windows Server 2008. This is important because to this day FTP is still widely used for all kinds of critical file transfer needs between systems internally and between business partners over the Internet.

In this real training for free ™ session I will show you all the security changes to FTP including:

  • Support for FTP over SSL. The Achilles heel of FTP has been lack of encryption. Support for SSL is a key way to mitigate FTP risks and I'll show you how that works in IIS. You'll learn how to configure IIS FTP with a certificate and private key and then set up an encrypted FTP site.
  • Non-Windows accounts for authentication. This interesting (and potentially abused) feature allows you to create accounts within IIS itself to regulate access to the FTP site. Passwords and authentication are handled exclusively by IIS. I'll explain the advantages and risks of this feature.
  • FTP Logon Attempt Restrictions. Combats FTP brute force logon attempts by blocking based on IP address of repeated logon failures
  • User isolation through per-user virtual directories. I'll show you how this makes it easier to insulate users from each other by restricting each one to their own folder. Directory browsing has also been improved.
  • Audit logging. FTP logging now records all FTP-related traffic and more detailed information that improves your ability to audit FTP.

Another related but not strictly security features include support for UTF8, extensibility support and how configuration data is stored.

But before you implement a new IIS FTP server to take advantage of these security enhancements I'd like you to see the brief presentation by my sponsor, Ipswitch, of their Managed File Transfer solution. IIS's FTP security enhancements are good but I submit that it's not about FTP but about file transfer and the FTP protocol is only an element of the whole issue of securing and managing file transfers to protect your organization and your customers as well as meet compliance requirements.

So, don't miss this technical, real training for free ™ event. Please register now.

You may also be interest in Ipswitch Innovate, a two-day online only event for IT professionals to learn from each other, and our product experts.


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