Live Hacking: Recovering Confidential Data from a Re-Formatted Hard Drive; How to Really Erase Data

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How do you ensure a disk drive is really clean? Is physical destruction of disk drives a practical answer? Is this risk really limited to decommissioned systems only?

In this very technical and fascinating real training for free ™ webinar I will answer these questions with hands-on demonstrations.

We will start by fully formatting a hard drive full of data. Then we will analyze the drive and reconstruct the file system. Finally, we'll recover much if not all of the data on it at the time it was formatted – including deleted files. As you will see it requires no special laboratory or hardware.

But the risk goes beyond discarded hard drives. We will explore

  • Malware that scavenges deleted files
  • Stolen PC and devices
  • Rootkits that disable encryption
  • Compliance and regulatory issues
  • Encryption vs. erasure

The bottom line is that no matter what device or media the only way to ensure data isn’t recovered is to destroy it bit-by-bit as soon as it's no longer needed or no longer in your possession. But true data erasure is an elusive goal without the right technology and the ability to remotely and centrally manage it.

That's where our sponsor, Blancco Technology Group comes in. You will see how to centrally establish an inventory of all hard drives with their serial numbers throughout your entire enterprise and remotely issue wipe commands and get back certified confirmation that the information on that drive is gone forever. But since hard drives are just part of the story, Frederick Forslund will briefly show you how Secure Data Erasure guarantees absolute data sanitization of all IT assets, including servers, desktop/laptop computers, smartphones, tablets, SSDs and virtual drives.

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