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Windows 10 is almost released and not much can change at this point so its time to take you under the hood and show you what's new. This won't be yet another reconstituted version of MS blogs and Ignite presentations. I've been playing with Windows 10 in the lab and I aim to actually show you as much as I can. I also want to help you assess how much of what's new in Windows 10 Security:

  • Stuff you can use right away
  • Features that look good on paper but you'll probably never use
  • Valuable foundation technologies that will require systems management products to leverage

The four main areas of security enhancements are:

  1. Authentication
  2. Malware
  3. Data loss protection
  4. Mobile device management

Microsoft has made some interesting changes to the architecture of the operating system that affect components deep in the heart of Windows including the kernel and LSASS. I will explore how Windows 10 leverages Hyper-V to try to isolate critical system components from malware – supposedly even if the kernel itself is compromised. This should be an interesting discussion because how much can you really protect higher level components from lower level components that are under the control of an attacker?

We will also look at how Windows 10 builds on little used features in Windows 8 (little used itself) that leverage hardware enhancements to protect the boot process from root kits.

And of course we will play with Windows Hello and Passport (nothing to do with the previous eponymous Microsoft product). I'm actually a little excited about Passport because it is connected with Microsoft's support for the FIDO Alliance whose authentication initiatives I hope really take off.

Microsoft blunders with Windows 8 are tragic considering it actually had some big security improvements. I think things may finally get on track with with Windows 10 so please join me for this real training for free ™ event. Dell Software's KACE systems management solution is sponsoring this webinar and you will briefly see how KACE will help you with migration to windows 10 and leveraging the new security and mobile device management capabilities of Windows 10. Please register now!

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