Downsizing Domain Admins: How to Delegate 9 Common Admin Tasks

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In previous webinars I’ve shared why and how excessive administrative authority creates security risks and causes compliance issues that lead to findings on IT audit reports.  In this lower level, technical, how-to session I will demonstrate live how to reduce the size of your Domain Admins group and safely streamline AD maintenance by delegating 9 common admin tasks including:
1.      Allowing the help desk to reset passwords and unlocking user accounts
2.      Provision new user accounts within a specific OU
3.      Enable corporate security or HR personnel to quickly disable any account without waiting for Domain Admin help
4.      Allow auditors and other security staff to view Active Directory information and group policy objects  and execute group policy reports without giving them authority to change anything
5.      Give someone the authority to add members to specific groups but make no other changes
6.      Provide the HR department the ability to update Job Title, Department and Direct Reports
7.      Allow security staff to view the security log without being able to clear it
8.      Grant authority to update email address, phone numbers and other personal information
9.      Give special engineers like those responsible for antivirus authority to start and stop specific services on domain controllers without being full domain administrators
After this webinar you know how to give employees the authority they need to get their job done without giving away the entire domain.  Plus, Quest Software will briefly show how ActiveRoles Server helps you take AD security administration to the next level with workflow, approvals, attestation, roles and more.  This session will help you close internal security holes and eliminate findings from your next audit.
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