Active Directory for IT Auditors: Where Does Group Policy Fit In?

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Group Policy is a fantastic component of Active Directory that allows admins to automatically push out consistent security policies to thousands of computers at a time while also providing an overwhelming degree of flexibility to handle case by case exceptions.  In this real training for free (TM) webinar I will show you how Group Policy Objects work and then discuss where and how they fit in to your audits of Active Directory, Windows Server and Windows workstations.
You will learn how group policy objects link to organizational units, how Windows arbitrates between conflicting group policies, the difference between the User Configuration and Computer Configuration sections of group policy objects and more.  I’ll explain how to use the Group Policy Results Wizard to analyze the application of group policy and how it can be a real workhorse for your next audit of Windows systems.
Understanding Group Policy is key to understanding the overall Windows/AD architecture and how well managed environments should be run.
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