Active Directory for IT Auditors: Understanding Domain Controller Security Issues

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Domain controllers are the Windows servers on a network that host Active Directory.  Consequently Active Directory and everything else that integrates with Active Directory depend on the security of your domain controllers. 
Protecting domain controllers calls for some specialized security measures which I will explain in this real training for free (TM) webinar.  I’ll discuss domain controller physical security, what that becomes such an issue with branch offices and how to mitigate the risks of branch office domain controllers with the new Windows security features like read-only domain controllers, BitLocker drive encryption and Trusted Platform Modules.  I will also explain why domain controllers must be dedicated to DC functions and why they should fill other roles like application or database servers.  You will also find out which Windows security settings need only be checked once per domain which ones need to be audited on each domain controllers.
This session will help you make your next audit of Active Directory more informed and effective.  Don’t miss this real training for free (TM).
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