Monitoring Access to Confidential Information in SharePoint


More and more information resides in SharePoint and more and more of that information is confidential ranging from HR data, customer records, financial information or sensitive information that you don’t want to end up on WikiLeaks. 
In this webinar we will explore how to use the SharePoint audit log to create an audit trail of when users access sensitive areas of SharePoint sites.  I’ll show you how to configure SharePoint audit policy and then demonstrate the events and reports that SharePoint produces natively.  You’ll find that the information is there in the log but it’s difficult to understand and it’s trapped inside the SharePoint content database – not the appropriate place for security logs. 
To deal with these issues I created LOGbinder SP which gets the audit log out of the SharePoint database, translates it in to readable information and makes it available to your existing log management solution.  Then we’ll finish up with looking at how to reduce the voluminous data generated by SharePoint auditing to get a clean record of who’s been accessing what. 
This is real training for free (TM).


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