Auditing IIS with the Windows Security Log

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Window’s built-in web server, IIS (Internet Information Server), is the foundation of many of your most critical business applications including SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, any kind of remote or web service access to Exchange, SQL Reporting Services – and those are just Microsoft applications.
Any application that runs on IIS is only as secure as IIS since IIS participates in authentication, access control, network access, encryption, impersonation and more. 
With such a critical component you must have a secure audit trail of configuration changes to IIS.  IIS stores all of its configuration, security settings and policies in the IIS Metabase and thankfully Microsoft provides away to audit any and all changes to the IIS Metabase.  Better yet IIS reports those audit events to where they belong – the Windows security log in events 4500-4512. 
In my next webinar I will show you how to enable IIS metabase auditing and then how to interpret the events it produces in the security log.  Then Isaac Thompson from Prism Microsystems will briefly show you how EventTracker (this webinar’s sponsor) can manage, report and alert on those events when necessary.
This is a technical real-training for free webinar (TM) – don’t miss it.
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