Frequently Asked Questions

How does your On Demand Interactive training work?

Simple but effective. There's nothing to be shipped, no download or installation. You just register and begin training. After registration we will email you a PDF of the training manual which you can print and then use to follow along with the training videos and take notes.

To begin training you logon to the website (see top left of the page) and then go to the On Demand Interactive Training Portal. Just click on the first chapter and watch the training video.

Take notes in your printed course material. Check your understanding with the frequent quizzes.

Do On Demand Interactive courses qualify for CPE credit?

Yes! You will be provided a CPE certificate for the full hours of the course upon completion of the included online exam.

How long do I have to complete the course?

After registration your access to the On Demand Interactive courseware is enabled for 30 days. You must complete your training during this time.


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